Our Team

Reality is led by a team of elders and staff who are committed to equipping the church, making disciples, caring for the broken, and reaching the lost.

Tim Chaddick

Pastor/Elder | Preaching & Vision
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Billy Hunter

Pastor/Elder | Student & Family Ministry
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Chad Amico

Pastor/Elder | Community Groups & Global
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Dominic Balli

Pastor/Elder | Worship Life & Prayer
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Tom Cox

Interim Pastor
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Brian Buffon

Director | Musical Worship & Creative Arts
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Louri Depalma

Coordinator | Operations & Community Groups
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Matthew Weiss

Pastoral Assistant | Community & Care
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Haylee Germann

Coordinator | Youth Ministry
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Anna Herring

Director | Kid's Ministry
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Karina Ramos

Coordinator | Kid's Ministry
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Ben Burgess

Pastoral Assistant | Junior High
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Kelly Amico

Director | Women's Equipping & Care
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Jennifer Weir

Coordinator | Global Ministry
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Contracted Employees

John Hughes   |   Finance Consultant & Trustee   |   john@realityventura.com

Chrissy Hirsh   |   Bookkeeper   |   chrissy@realityventura.com