Equip Classes

How do I grow in my faith? And how does my faith connect to the issues of everyday life? Equip is a series of ongoing classes designed to address the topics and themes we encounter daily by looking in-depth at the teaching of the Bible.

There are no upcoming events at this time.

EQUIP: Why Trust The Bible?

In an age of increasing skepticism toward scripture, Dr. Amy Orr-Ewing explains why the Bible is still trustworthy, even in a post-modern age.


EQUIP: What Does Proverbs Say to women?

How do we as women apply wisdom to our lives? Several leaders of Reality share the impact that proverbs can have in the life of women.


EQUIP: How Do I Share My Faith? And How Does Faith Influence My Work?

Sharing your faith is often tricky, and sometimes terrifying! So how do we go about it? And, how does our faith intersect with our vocation? Andrew Baughen, vicar of St. […]


EQUIP: How Do I Engage Culture?

While the Gospel never changes, the culture we live in is changing constantly. In fact, culture changes so fast that it can feel impossible to keep up. How do we […]


EQUIP: What Is Discipleship?

At its core, Discipleship is simply about following Jesus, and helping others to follow Him too. But often there is confusion about how discipleship plays out. Tim Chaddick and our […]


EQUIP: How Do I Read The News?

Never in history has there been more access to journalistic information. But how do I know what news to trust? And how should I approach the news as a follower […]


EQUIP: How Do I Read The Bible?

The Bible is the most famous, most quoted, and most reproduced book in all of human history. And yet for many of us, it can be difficult the language and […]