Matthew Weiss

Pastoral Assistant | Community & Care

Matthew has always been surrounded, encouraged, and sharpened by remarkable mentors, teachers, friends, and family members. Undoubtedly, the Lord pursued Matthew and called him into discipleship through the faithful men and women in his life.

With a Bachelors in Sports Medicine, a Masters in Ministry, as well as practical experience as a CrossFit Coach and as a Youth Minister, Matthew is passionate about real and positive change in peoples’ lives. Vocationally, he’s made an effort to exist at the intersection of spiritual, intellectual, and physical health. 

Despite his proclivity toward routine and his self-proclaimed introversion, Matthew is passionate about walking alongside people in unexpected and ever-evolving ways, especially when it involves talking to them about, or reminding them of the good news—yes, that good news.

As Pastoral Assistant, Matthew spends most of his time providing assistance to—you guessed it—the pastoral staff. Practically, that task takes on many shapes and forms, but basically, Matthew helps ensure that nothing and no one falls through the cracks in any specific area of ministry. 

Matthew and his wife, María live in midtown. For them, an ideal day would probably include an early morning surf, CrossFit, third-wave coffee, a good book, a competitive board game, street tacos, and, most importantly, good company along the way.