Kelly Amico

Director | Women's Equipping & Care

Kelly was born and raised in Redondo Beach, California. She grew up with no faith whatsoever but God had a wonderful plan to interrupt Kelly’s carefree, careless living at the age of 16 by using significant people to share the love and truths of Jesus. Although she did not immediately turn to Christ, by the time she was 21 her decision to give her whole life to Jesus was resolute.

Learning straight away that God has a sense of humor, Kelly became immediately involved as a youth leader at her church where the students taught her more about the Bible than she did them. During this time she also waitressed at a beach cafe while attending community college; however, this would all soon change after she met Chad. Marrying in 1994, they swiftly began their family and Kelly had the privilege of staying home to raise their five children while ministering alongside her husband.

Kelly is most passionate about seeing women being discipled and equipped in their faith. She finds great joy in bringing a level of care and counseling to women as well as helping them to discover their gifts.

At Reality, Kelly serves on staff part time as one of the co-directors for Women’s Equipping and Care; playing an active role ministering to women in various ways through Bible studies, Biblical counseling, retreats, small group discipleship, and Lleadership development.

Kelly lives in Ventura with her husband Chad, together they have five children and four grandchildren. She loves cooking large meals, finds great joy in music of various kinds, enjoys being around her growing family, and savors quiet moments alone with a good book.