Louri DePalma

Coordinator | Operations & Community Groups

Born and raised in Idaho, Louri grew up in the church and made the decision to give her life to Jesus at age 11. Experiencing difficult circumstances and wondering where God was through those times would put her relationship status with Him in the category of “it's complicated.” It wasn't until her early 30s that she began to see that God had been working in her life all along, and she surrendered her whole life to Jesus.

After attending Lewis Clark State College, Louri worked in the pharmaceutical industry for 20 years where she developed a love for all things “operations.”

Louri is passionate about community groups because it was in a community group that she began to see the faithfulness of God throughout her own story. The way she sees it, a thoughtful question can be the beginning of a conversation that draws people closer to God.

At Reality, Louri is the Coordinator for Operations & Community Groups. She is serious about equipping community group leaders and supporting them. She also serves as the ministry operations coordinator for the church working with the team to coordinate and organize ministry events as well as coordinate daily operations of the church.

Louri and her husband have lived Ventura since 2011. They have three daughters and enjoy anything that gets them outdoors. She loves coffee, fly fishing, camping, plants, books, and music.