Psalm 3

Tom Cox preaches a sermon in the series from Psalm 3.
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January 16, 2024
Defiant Gratitude

2 Thessalonians 1:1-10  •  Tim Chaddick   •   Hold Fast

January 07, 2024
Year In Review & Why We Worship

Ephesians 5:15-19  •  Dominic Balli   •   Standalone Teachings

December 31, 2023
The Lost Art of Joy and Gratitude

1 Thessalonians 5:16-18  •  Ryan Hillner   •   Standalone Teachings

Ryan Hillner, teaching pastor of Reality Honolulu, shares a new years message about what it means to live a life full of joy and gratitude in christ.

December 24, 2023
God With Us

Matthew 1  •  Tim Chaddick   •   God With Us

December 17, 2023
God With Us In Our Weakness

2 Corinthians 12:7-10  •  Jeremy Treat   •   God With Us

How does the story of Jesus change the way we think about strength and weakness?

December 10, 2023
God With Us In Our Relationships

1 Samuel 20:1-9, 42  •  Tim Chaddick   •   God With Us

December 03, 2023
God With Us in Our Circumstances

Jeremiah 29:4-7, 10-14  •  Billy Hunter   •   God With Us

November 26, 2023
God With Us In Our Waiting

Isaiah 49:13-16  •  Tim Chaddick   •   God With Us

November 20, 2023
Your Decision About Jesus Matters

Matthew 7:13-29  •  Tim Chaddick   •   Sermon on the Mount

When it comes to Jesus, there is no such thing as being neutral. Why is that? What did Jesus say about Himself that requires us to make a decision? And what happens when we do?

November 14, 2023
Right Relationships

Matthew 7:1-12  •  Tim Chaddick   •   Sermon on the Mount

What does Jesus say about how we relate to one another? How are we to see, approach, and love those around us?

November 05, 2023
Treasure, Worry, and the Call of Jesus

Matthew 6: 25-34  •  Tim Chaddick   •   Sermon on the Mount

In an age of anxiety and worry, how can we experience peace in our lives? Where can peace be found and what practices promote it?

October 29, 2023
The Purpose of Prayer

Matthew 6:5-15  •  Brian Buffon   •   Sermon on the Mount

Prayer is vital in the Christian life. But how should we do it? How did Jesus teach us to pray?

October 22, 2023
Gospel Generosity

Matthew 6:1-4  •  Obed Brefo   •   Sermon on the Mount

How does the gospel of Jesus make us radically generous people?

October 15, 2023
Love Beyond Limitation

Matthew 5:38-48  •  Tim Chaddick   •   Sermon on the Mount

Jesus clearly tells us to love our enemies. But what does that look like? And how is it even possible?

October 11, 2023
Sex, Marriage, and the Ethics of Jesus

Matthew 5:27-37  •  Tim Chaddick   •   Sermon on the Mount

How should a follower of Jesus think about sexual ethics? And why does it matter so much?

October 03, 2023
The Healing of Anger

Matthew 5:21-26  •  Tim Chaddick   •   Sermon on the Mount

How does the gospel heal our anger and help us become people of peace?

October 01, 2023
Does the Law Even Matter?

Matthew 5:17-20  •  Dominic Balli   •   Sermon on the Mount

What is the Law of God? And how should we think about it in light of the gospel?

September 19, 2023
What A Christian Looks Like

Matthew 5:1-12  •  Tim Chaddick   •   Sermon on the Mount

What does being a Christian look like? What are the characteristics of a person who is following Jesus?

September 14, 2023
The Way of Jesus

Matthew 5:1-12  •  Tim Chaddick   •   Sermon on the Mount

The Sermon on the Mount has rightly been called the most famous sermon ever preached, and its contents are well-known even outside the church. But unlike any other speech in history, we cannot separate the power of the principles in this sermon from the power of the person speaking them. Because trusting in Jesus is the key to living like Jesus. And this is why the subtitle of our series is called “Faith, Practice and the Way of Jesus.” In this series, we will discover our great need to put our faith in Jesus, and as a result, we will find the power to practice the way of Jesus as his counter-cultural people of light in a dark world.

September 06, 2023
How We Relate to the Bible

Luke 24:13-27  •  Tim Chaddick   •   Standalone Teachings

How do we relate to the Bible? How are we to approach the Bible individually and collectively?

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