Serve in Kids

Do you love kids? Do you love Jesus? Join us as we help infants through 5th graders learn about Jesus and what it looks like to follow Him.

Frequently Asked Questions

What age group does Kids Ministry work with?

Infants through fifth graders.

What are the different types of ways people can serve in Kids Ministry?

Support Role | Doesn't work directly with kids, but completes important and necessary tasks behind the scenes.
Leading Role | Serves directly with kids and is responsible for leading a class, teaching the lesson, or leading worship.
Assistant Role | Serves directly with kids, and assists the leaders by helping the kids connect and engage with the lesson and other activities.
Sidekick | Works one-on-one with kids who have special needs.

Are volunteers required to write their own curriculum?

No. Reality Kids uses a curriculum called “The Gospel Project for Kids.” The lessons are edited and posted online in advance at The volunteers are expected to study that week’s lesson plan before they arrive.

Are volunteers required to gather and prep their own supplies?

No. There is a mid-week prep team that gathers and preps all the supplies for that week’s lesson and sets it out in an organized way. Those who lead and teach in the classrooms just need to show up ready to teach the content. (Lesson plans found at

Are volunteers trained before they serve?

Yes! All volunteers are trained before serving. Depending on the role, new volunteers will either be trained online or in person. In addition, we try to provide as much one-on-one support as possible to answer any questions new volunteers might have before they start.

Are volunteers required to be background checked?

If 18 or older, yes. The safety of the kids is our highest priority.

How do volunteers know when they are supposed to serve?

Volunteers are notified through the Church Center app (Reality Ventura’s app) on when they have been scheduled to serve. The volunteers are given an option to “accept” or “decline.” Their serving schedule is then stored on that app for easy reference.

What if a volunteer needs to call out?

If a volunteer knows in advance when they will be out of town and therefore can’t serve, they can block out future dates on the Church Center app.
If they need to call out the week before they are supposed to serve, they would notify Reality Kids staff directly.

What form of communication does the Reality Kids Team use?

As mentioned above, we use the Church Center app to communicate volunteer schedules.
In addition, volunteers will be automatically subscribed to out our Reality Kids emails and text messages for important upcoming information.
Finally, volunteers are always welcome to text and call the Reality Kids staff for individual questions, comments, or concerns.