If you gave financially to Reality Ventura in 2018, AND your name was included with your gift, then we have a giving statement for you for your taxes.
    However, because we send out giving statements digitally (ie. not in the physical mail), our administrative team, must have your email address in order to send you your statement. If the admin team doesn’t your email address then they are unable to send your your statement.

    *Giving reports will be sent out at the end of January 
    (If you have not received it by Feb. 1st, then please send an email to

    Right now there are 200 people who gave to Reality in 2018, AND included their name with their gift, but did NOT include an email address, which means that we are, therefore, unable to send those people their giving statements until we receive their email addresses. 

    You may be asking, “How do I know if the admin team has my email address or not?”. Well, the admin team ONLY has your email addresses if you either gave through the Reality Ventura website, or if you entered your information on the digital form last year when we made this same announcement. That means that for those of you who gave cash with your name on it, or if you wrote a physical check to the church, or if you initiated a payment through your bank, that the admin team does not have your email address on file. 

    So, if you did not give through the website, or did not fill out the form last year, or if you are unsure if you did, or even if you just want to be safe, please take 30 seconds to enter your information in the form provided.

    Lastly, if you do give by check, or give cash with your name on it, or if you initiate payments to the church through your bank, and you would like to receive a giving statement for your taxes each year, please include your email address when you give. This will help the team throughout the year, quite a bit. 

    Thank you for your commitment to partner with Reality Ventura to spread the light, love, and power of Jesus from Ventura County to ends of the earth.

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