Perspectives is coming to Reality Ventura this February 2019!

    Perspectives is a course that will change your life by opening your eyes to God’s plan from the beginning in Genesis, throughout history, and to present day, to bring every tongue, tribe, and nation to Himself. It’s a course that will change the way you see God, read your bible, and love others. It’s a course that will give you a heart for the lost, near and far. It’s simply a course where you will learn more about your God and his love for you and all people.

    Perspectives does this by having you participate in a 15-week course, meeting once a week on Tuesdays nights. Each Tuesday, you will hear from a different instructor on their own personal experiences as it relates to that week’s study material. You will study the Biblical, Historical, Cultural & Strategic Perspectives of God’s plan for the nations. You will study God’s word and read several articles written by some of the top leaders and authorities on the world Christian movement.

    By participating in Perspectives, you will be ruined for the ordinary!

    To sign up or to learn more, you can visit us at and choose one of the three registration options: Key Reading, Certificate, or College Credit.

    If you have any additional questions, you can email us at