The mission of the Reality Ventura Kids Ministry is to come alongside parents by pointing their children to Jesus, teaching them the scriptures, and demonstrating the love of God.


We’re so excited to meet you and your family! Here’s everything you need to know about RVTA Kids Ministry:


Mom and Nursing Infant Room
Infants (babies who are not yet walking)*
Toddlers (walkers under the age of 2)*
2 Year Olds*
3 Year Olds*
4 Year Olds*
5 Year Olds and Kindergartners*
1st and 2nd Graders
3rd and 4th Graders
5th Graders

*We set a cap in our nursery and preschool classes in order to  maintain a safe environment. It is highly encouraged that you arrive on time, as our youngest classes have the potential to hit max capacity on busy Sundays. Thank you for your understanding.


We’re so excited to announce that starting September 22, 2019 we will be launching our new curriculum: The Gospel Project for Kids!


  • The safety of your child is our highest priority
  • All volunteers have gone through an extensive application process which includes a background check if they are 18 or older
  • Every class will have at least 2 volunteers
  • The nursery through 5 year old classes will have child to teacher ratios in order to maintain a safe environment.
  • Only children will be allowed to use the bathrooms upstairs in the kids area. Volunteers and other adults are required to use the downstairs bathrooms.

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