We are a local church in Ventura, CA that is centered around Jesus Christ. We exist to enjoy Him, worship Him, and partner with Him in His mission to make disciples both in our community and around the world. Our church was founded in 2009 as a campus of Reality Carpinteria, and in 2017 we became a fully autonomous Church. We remain a part of the Reality Family of Churches, a deeply connected group of churches around the world with shared theological, missional, relational, and ecclesiological DNA.

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This is Reality

Who we are and what we do as Reality can best be understood through the paradigm of Theological, Missional, Relational.

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Statement of Faith

What we believe about God and Humanity based on the words of Scripture.

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While Scripture does not give us an exact model for the governance of the church, the following is what we at Reality believe to be a biblically viable and faithful expression of church governance.

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At Reality, we believe that giving is a powerful act of worship unto God. Here’s some more information about why giving is important.

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Our Churches

Reality Ventura is part of a family of churches held closely together through relationship, a shared philosophy of ministry and a deep commitment to the gospel of Jesus.

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